Your Ultimate Guide to Thailand

Your Ultimate Guide to Thailand

Thailand is one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been. Despite the fact that tourism is one of Thailand’s key industries, there are still spots with unspoiled natural beauty. Most importantly, I found Thai people to be really nice and accommodating. Indians can get a visa on arrival in Thailand, but I got mine ahead of time to avoid the huge lines at immigration. The visa application process is relatively quick, and it took only 5 days from submission to passport collecting at the Gurgaon centre.
Thailand Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok. Spend the night.

Day 2: Take a flight to Phuket.

Day 3: Go sightseeing in Phuket.

Day 4: Visit some of the nearby islands.

Day 5: Travel to Krabi by bus or speedboat.

Day 6: Railay Beach

Day 7: Take a flight to Bangkok & back to India.


Bangkok: I arrived in Bangkok after a four-hour journey from Delhi. The city has a well-developed infrastructure as well as a vibrant nightlife. It’s also a fantastic shopping destination. Apart from being a tourist destination and a business hub, Bangkok is a very cosmopolitan city with residents from all over the world. There are other Buddhist places to visit in the city, as well as the Grand Palace, which you should add to your itinerary. It was time to explore the beaches after a day spent wandering the streets of Bangkok. I flew to Phuket in the middle of the night. The flight from Bangkok to Phuket takes 90 minutes.

Phuket: After spending two days in Phuket city, I set out to explore the outlying islands. There are many gorgeous islands near Phuket that are accessible by ferries or speedboats. I would advise hiring speedboats because they substantially minimise travel time. I arranged a tour with a local firm to explore the Phi Phi Islands and other neighbouring beaches from Phuket. They drove me to a little harbour after picking me up from my hotel. The speedboat took about an hour to reach the Phi Phi Islands from there. The waters around these islands are unpolluted. The water is a sapphire green tint. We were taken by boat to Maya Bay, a little beach surrounded by limestone cliffs. It’s a beautiful site to see and a terrific area to swim. We stayed for an hour. After that, we were taken to Phi Phi Island for lunch on the boat. If you want to go to Krabi following Phuket, staying overnight at Phi Phi and taking the speedboat to Krabi the next day is an excellent option. The boat brought us to another little island with a beach and various water sports activities after the Phi Phi stop. I was back in Phuket by the evening.

Krabi: Thailand’s best was yet to come. I travelled from Phuket to Krabi by bus. The ride provided me the opportunity to see Thailand’s countryside. By bus, it takes about 4 hours to get there. Buses are very comfortable and inexpensive. I had intended to stay at the Railay beach in Krabi. To get here, you must first go to Au Nang Pier and then take a 10-minute boat ride. Due to the mountainous terrain, this beach is not accessible by road. There are two beaches here: East Railay and West Railay. It can be costly to stay here. As a result, I recommend that you plan ahead of time and look into the various budget possibilities available. Limestone hills, beautiful foliage, and sparkling waters surround Railay Beach. In the evening, the area transforms into a fairy town, with several restaurants and massage parlours giving ways to unwind. Kayaking is a popular activity in Railay. When 4-5 little fish jumped into my Kayak with the wave, it was a memorable event. After two nights in Railay, it was time to return home with a bag full of memories from this lovely country.

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