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Best Places To Visit In Singapore

Singapore offers numerous world best restaurants, shopping districts, luxury Hotels and stunning views. It is located small Island in the southeast of the world. Singapore has a lot to offer to its tourists such as Museums, Zoos, Beaches, art and culture, Amusement Parks, malls, history, the world’s best restaurants, shopping districts, luxury hotels and stunning views. One of the aspects that is rare in any other country in Asia is the safe and secure atmosphere that Singapore offers. The language spoken is English and the Currency of Singapore is the Singaporean Dollar. While Singapore is a small country but still it has a lot to see. One famous sightseeing is Sentosa.  I visit Singapore last month with my family and our tour was organized by the DMC named Malee Hospitality, based in Noida & Delhi. They are specialists in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Maldives. We definitely love their hospitality. They offer us the packages at the best prices from the market rates. Their team is very much supportive. In addition, they booked our flight tickets, Hotels, transfers, visa, and sightseeings. My favourite sightseeing was the Museum of Ice-Cream and Singapore Universal Studios.

A big thank you to Malee Hospitality and their team for this great and wonderful experience we had on our travel.

. China town

China Town is a good place to start with when can enjoy a mix of heritage to visit a museum shopping as well as a good food option.

Chinatown Singapore will take you back to the lane of China where you will come across a numerals number of small moms and popstars along with the authentic Chinese restaurants. This is a heritage place which is famous for its Buddhist temples. One can enjoy the beauty of the heritage and culture of Singapore. Tourists can visit the temple early in the morning or in the evening hours. This is Best Places To Visit In Singapore

. Sentosa Island

Island is another beautiful place in Singapore that is famous for its speeches one can enjoy the beauty of the beach and can do various water activities such as kayaking, skimboarding, beach volleyball and much more. One can also take a door underwater where you can swim with dolphins and other marine animals. Sentosa church is more than to kilometre on the South Post which is divided into three portions that are Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong beach. Sentosa Transformers into an island resort which is known for its tropical beaches luxury hotels and thrilling activities.

. Singapore Universal Studios

 Singapore Universal Studios is the first Southeast Asia Hollywood theme park. It is well known for its attraction rights and entertainment for family and thrill-seekers.

the entry cost for an Adult is 80 $ & for a child is 70$. Themed dining, live shows and shopping centers are available inside the park. To explore the theme park one should spend at least 3 hours. The best time to visit us to BD is weekdays so that there is a lesser crowd as compared to the weekends. Amenities available are- ATMs, Toilets, Locker, Nursing rooms, and Prayer rooms. This is Best Places To Visit In Singapore.

. Museum of Ice-Cream

It is the largest and first international museum of our ice creams. Everyone can enjoy the scoops of the delicious MOIC Signature flavours at their cafe. This is the only place where anything and everything is possible. This place is picture friendly. You can enjoy the scream’s diner, Inflatable, Potong, Playscape and Sprinkle Pool. Timing hours- 11 am to 11 pm, Thursday and Sunday and the museum are Close from Monday to Wednesday. Entry cost is SGD 45 for people above aged 2 and children below 2 years or 2 can enter for free.

. Singapore flyer

it is Asia’s largest giant wheel which is located in the heart of downtown Marina Bay. This when is 165 m above the ground. the good time to see the Singapore flyers is at sunset. Singapore flyer is located on the second floor of the Singapore flight terminal building. The cost of a Singapore flyer for a visitor aged 13 or older is 35 SGD, children aged between 3 to 12 is 25 SGD and citizens of Singapore aged above 59 or older is 24 SGD and children under the age of three can enter for free in Singapore flyer. So, the best time to visit the Singapore flyer is late evening in the early morning as there is no crowd at that time. This is Best Places To Visit In Singapore.

. Singapore cable car

This is the only cable car that lies between Mount Faber, Harbor front and Sentosa Island. There are six stations in this cable car. Maximum 8 adults can be accommodated per cabin. This cable car ride is for 30 mins only. One can really enjoy the whole Singapore view in just 30 minutes. One can also enjoy the 360 views of Sentosa Island. The opening time of the Singapore table car is 9:00 Am to 10:00 PM. You will also get a complimentary meal. One can visit this place with their friends, family or partner. This sightseeing is highly recommended. The entry cost of a Singapore cable car is SGD 35 for adults and SGD 25 for children.

. Singapore zoo

Wildlife lovers can explore the Singapore zoo. Personally, it took 4 hours also to have a complete tour of this place. Light coloured and comfy clothes are a must for this place so that you can explore without any hustle. This is a world-class tourist attraction place. People across the world visit Singapore to see their wildlife. Opening timing for the Singapore zoo is 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. This zoo is the home place of 2800+ animals including mammals, birds and reptiles. In addition to this one can also do wildlife Photography and more. Activities you can do over there are- Feeding the animals, Wildlife tours, Keeper talks, and animal shows. This is Best Places To Visit In Singapore

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