Which are the best water sports to do on a Thailand tour?
What are the romantic things to do in Thailand?
Which are the famous temples to visit in Thailand?

1. Scuba Diving:
Perhaps the most popular water sports activity that you can relish during the Thailand Trip package is scuba diving. Diving under the water, you will get a chance to swim across with whale sharks, manta rays and leopard sharks. The crystal clear waters look enchanting from above and more so when you are under it. For miles and miles around, you will find yourself surrounded by blooming coral reefs. You can even take classes from a guide to learn how to dive across the east coast and west coast.

Location: Koh Tao and Phuket
Price: Starting at 3000 Baht

2. Banana Boating: For those who do not want to indulge in extreme sports, on their Thailand Packages, the city’s water still holds immense fun for them. Banana boating is the perfect adventure for you in case you want to set out for some water fun in Thailand. What’s great is that you can have proper fun with your family while you are here and indulge in the sport and the ideal time to do so is between September to April.

Location: Pattaya and Phuket
Price: Starting at 700 Baht

3. Jet Skiing: On your Thailand holiday package, if there is one water sport that will bring you the complete feels of excitement and adventure, it is Jet skiing. While there is no need to undergo any swimming training to perform the sport, it helps if you have a zest for high-grade adventure to undergo skiing. With the vast sea out in the open, you can ride a bike on the waters to experience what true thrill feels like. Jet skiing is highly popular in many parts of Thailand, which is why you will have no problem finding a guide to teach you how to ride a bike as well.

Location: Pattaya and Phuket
Price: 700 Baht for 30 minutes

4. Wakeboarding: Among the fastest growing water sport activities that people usually plan to undertake on their Thailand TRIP package, Wakeboarding involves grabbing a cable tied to a speedboat and mounting a board to zoom behind the boat. While this is a beginner friendly sports activity, it is also a favourite with professionals. There are many popular places in and around Thailand where you can come across people enjoying the activity and what’s absolutely great is that you can enjoy the activity all-round the year.

Location: Thai Wake Park, Lake Taco, Koh Phangan
Price: 300 Baht for 2 hours


1. Explore the beautiful beaches of Phuket:
Walk hand in hand with your partner on the crystal clear beaches of Phuket, soak in the views of its magnificent coastline or laze around the shacks admiring the ethereal views of sunsets. If you are seeking some privacy, head for a private cruise tour and treat your eyes with the enchanting vistas of the entire city.

2. Enjoy a beach party at Koh Samui:
If you are on a look out for some exotic honeymoon spots, plan your journey to the magnificent beach of Koh Samui and make the most of your romantic getaway. The beach is known to host some of the best full-moon parties where you can bond with your partner over a musical dance. If you have some extra time in hand, head to the Namuang Waterfalls to treasure some precious moments with your better half away from the bustling streets of the city.

3. Relish romantic stay at the beach resorts:
Thailand is home to several beach resorts where you can vouch for a fun-filled vacation with your partner amidst nature's glory. These resorts not only serve you with an opportunity to de-stress away from the madding crowd but they also provide its visitors with ample opportunities to indulge in exciting water sports.If you further wish to add some cherishable moments to this romantic voyage, embark on a nearby island hopping tour and register an indelible memory  into your honeymoon diaries.

4. Explore the old city of Sukhothai together:
One of the most sought-after inclusions in Thailand holiday packages, Sukhothai city woos love birds with its old world charm and romantic cruises. On your visit to this destination, walk hand in hand with your partner through the ruins of the city, or leave for a cruise across the Yom River. If you are a history lover, you can give a beautiful end to your Thailand tour with a visit to its Si Satchanalai Historical Park.

1. Wat Arun:
If you are searching for the best Thailand holiday packages, don’t forget to include this architectural marvel into your itinerary.  Popularly known as the Temple of the Dawn, Wat Arun is a sacred spot in Bangkok that deserves a special mention in your travel diary.

If you want to catch the aerial vistas of Bangkok city on a full moon night, look no further than this ethereal destination. The temple is nestled on the banks of Chao Phraya river and is majorly known for its exceptional night views.

2. White Temple:
Looking to get some extraordinary experiences on your Thailand voyage? Make your way to this architectural masterpiece and witness a structure that is no lesser than a fairytale palace. Situated in the Chiang Rai province of Thailand.

White Temple stands out with its unique combination of art and Buddhist values. The structure comprises several exceptional design elements like The Bridge of the cycle of rebirth and the Gate of heaven, which make it a true masterpiece that it is.

3. Wat Benchamabophit:
Regarded as one of the best Thai temples, Wat Ben is a sacred building that intrigues the visitors with its rich Buddhist history and an evident aesthetic appeal. The temple is made up of white marble that makes it look no lesser than a beautiful castle. Its architecture has a hint of both Thai and European style and the interior of the temple is complete with a meditation hall, ordination hall, drum hall, and monk’s quarters.

4. Wat Sri Suphan:
Marking its unavoidable presence since the year 1500, Wat Sri Suphan temple holds the visitors captive with its intricate silver work. The temple is entirely covered in silver, right from the main Buddha statue and walls to the roofs and has some intricate carvings of Buddhist legends in its interiors.

As you will usher into this architectural wonder, be ready to be spellbound by its silver decoration and subtle use of mirrors and vibrant colors. If you have some queries to ask regarding the Buddhist culture, feel free to attend its monk chat session.

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