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Pattaya is a seaside resort on the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand, about 150 kmsoutheast of Bangkok.The city is built around Ao Pattaya, a wide, crescent-shaped bay that was one of Thailand’s first beach resorts in the 1960s when American GIs came for some R & R. North Pattaya (Pattaya Neua) is more upmarket while Pattaya South (Pattaya Tai) remains the nightlife hub. Further south Jomtien is a laid-back resort, while to the north Naklua is also quieter, with some top-end resorts at Wong Amat.

It’s a popular place for both Thais and foreigners because the city has everything a tourist needs.Multicultural Pattaya boasts some excellent places to stay and eat, and the area is also a family-friendly resort coast. Traveling here is easy as you can take your own car or ride a bus, a van, or a cab from Bangkok. There is also a ferry service from Hua Hin to Pattaya, which takes about an hour.

Top Attractions of Pattaya :-

WThe Sanctuary of Truth

Made entirely of wood (without any metal nails) and commanding a celestial view of the ocean, the Sanctuary of Truth is best described as a visionary environment: part art installation, religious shrine and cultural monument. Constructed in four wings dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Indian religious iconography, its architecture and setting is impressive.

Anek Kusala Sala

A popular stop for tour groups, this museum contains more than 300 impressive pieces of Chinese artwork, mainly bronze and brass statues depicting historical figures as well as Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist deities. Founded by Sa-nga Kulkobkiat, a Thai national who grew up in China, the museum was intended as a friendship-building project between the two countries.

Jom Tien beach

Jomtien Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach, 4 kilometers south of Pattaya Beach along the road, or split right from Sukhumvit Road at 150.5 Km to another 2 kilometers, this beach is popular with tourists. There are so many businesses, especially hotels and resorts which are very popular on this beach.

Ko Lan

Day trippers head for this small island, 7km offshore from central Pattaya. On weekends, its five beaches entertain thousands of visitors and the aquamarine sea is busy with banana boats and other marine merriment. Ferries leave Pattaya’s Bali Hai pier (30B, 45 minutes, 11 daily) at the southern end of Walking St. Some go to the main village, while others go to Tawaen beach. You can also charter speedboats from along Beach Rd (think 2500B). The last boat back is at 6pm.

Khao Phra Tamnak

Also known as Big Buddha Hill, Khao PhraTamnak is a religious site and a tourist destination famous for its hill top view point. It is located between South Pattaya and Jomtien. This hill has a modest Buddhist temple as well as a much-revered memorial to the admiral who founded the modern Thai navy. There are marvellous views over the Pattaya bay and a little cafe terrace from which to enjoy them. Sunset is a particularly spectacular time to be here, but you won't be alone. You can walk here from the southern end of Walking St.

Wat Phra Yai

Also known as Big Buddha Hill, Khao PhraTamnak is a religious site and a tourist destination famous for its hill top view point. It is located between South Pattaya and Jomtien. This hill has a modest Buddhist temple as well as a much-revered memorial to the admiral who founded the modern Thai navy. There are marvellous views over the Pattaya bay and a little cafe terrace from which to enjoy them. Sunset is a particularly spectacular time to be here, but you won't be alone. You can walk here from the southern end of Walking St.

Art In Paradise

Art in Paradise Pattaya is a large interactive art museum where visitors can become part of the artworks and have fun posing for photos. These unconventional paintings use an art technique where two-dimensional pictures are turned into three-dimensional images using optical illusions. The gallery has over 100 individual art pieces in ten themed sections, covering optical illusions, wild animals, nature, past civilisations and reproductions of classic art with witty additions such as bright pink nail polish on a pre-Raphaelite beauty, or a pencil added to the Mona Lisa. Art in Paradise is the most amusing gallery you have probably ever been to and turns the whole art gallery experience on its head – making the viewer part of the art.

Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya provides an opportunity to enjoy the beauty, colors and variety of the underwater world without having to dive in the ocean.Enjoy the live feeding shows and watch real-time action as you progress down the 105-metre acrylic tunnel, with all the brilliantly coloured creatures plying the waters above and all around you.Besides opening visitors eyes to the brilliance and diversity of undersea life, Underwater World Pattaya also plays an important role in education and marine conservation.

Nong Nooch Garden

NongNooch tropical garden close to Pattaya is the largest botanical garden in South East Asia.The Garden is set in an area of is a beautifully landscaped park and can easily take a full day. The entire area is more like a theme park, with daily cultural shows, restaurants and accommodation as well as a vast area showcasing individually themed gardens. NongNooch garden is also dedicated to education, preservation and research as well as the conservation of the world’s Largest palm collection, the largest variety of Orchids in Thailand and other tropical flora and fauna.

Walking Street

When it comes to Pattaya, it is impossible not to get to know Walking Street Pattaya, a famous pedestrian street. It is the biggest and busiest party hotspot in the whole of Thailand, with only a couple of the top places in Bangkok beating it for sheer volume and variety. The 1km strip at the end of beach road is home to hundreds of bars, Go Go’s, restaurants and nightclubs. Most of the visitors to Pattaya are here to party and Walking street is the epicenter of the nightlife scene. As the sun sets thousands of tourists, expats and tour groups descend for a night of sin.

Teddy Museum Pattaya

The Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya – also known as ‘Teddy Island’ - is a truly unique, slightly baffling and extremely fun family-friendly experience. Housed in the impossible-to-miss teddy bear-themed building at the northern end of Beach Road, it houses about 1,000 stuffed animals in the most unexpected journey through history and fantasy ever.Inside the museum is split into 12 zones each depicting a different theme or genre to set the scene, the various themes include Africa, Europe, space and Prehistoric.Within each zone of the museum there are opportunities for you and your family to take photo’s of and with the various teddy bears.Even a hug or two is not out of the question.

Ramayana Water Park

is a water park in Pattaya, which is 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok and 15 kilometres south of Pattaya City. It is one of the biggest theme parks in Southeast Asia. Ramayana WaterPark offers 21 of the biggest, best, most exhilarating rides, including four that you will find nowhere else in Asia. All are constructed of the highest quality materials to the most exacting internationally-approved safety standards, all are watched over by highly trained operatives and life guards.

Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market is an authentic site displaying the captivating way in which fruit and vegetables have traditionally been bought and sold in the country.Covering an area of 100,000sqm, the Four Regions Floating Market is separated into four sections – each representing and selling items from the four major parts of Thailand (north, northeast, central and south). On wooden boats that hug the old architecture of the riverside, market vendors haggle and sell their wares before darting down the river to secure another sail. Expect to find many eateries, fruit stalls, souvenir shops and some art galleries. There is also a cultural show every afternoon.

The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

Located on an over-70-acre piece of land just 15 minutes' drive from Pattaya, this Park & Farm is a new striking tourist attraction created with more than 20 years' efforts, for all nature lovers. It’s a rather bizarre attraction featuring unusual rock formations coupled with exciting animal shows. Specialising in the ancient, as the name suggests, the top exhibits include fossilised trees and the closest genetic relatives to prehistoric monsters: crocodiles. It is not only a living museum of curious and beautiful things of all the three kingdoms-animal, vegetable and mineral, but it also offers you several kinds of amusing and exciting shows.

Wat Yan Sang Wararam Woramahawihan

Some 20 kilometers South of Pattaya lies the enormous Wat Yansangwararam temple complex. Set in a huge area of around 145 acres, the complex houses several buildings of very different architectural styles, as well as well kept gardens and a large lake, that make the complex a nice and peaceful place to relax.The temple grounds is comprised of: a mondopenshrining a replica of the Buddha's footprints, a large stupa where the relics of the Lord Buddha and his disciples are enshrined, and an international pavilion representing the architecture of several countries.The complex is usually quiet, except on Thai public holidays and on weekends, when it can get busy with Thai people.

Khao Chi Chan Buddha

Unique attraction featuring a large Buddha image carved into the wall of a mountain.The image of Buddha sat cross-legged, with one hand resting on his knee and the other in his lap, is engraved into the northern face of Khao Chi Chan.It was built 1995 as initiative from then Supreme Patriarch who felt it’s such a waste to let these marble mountains were destroyed so he ordered to create the giant Buddha image on the cliff that was cut half already. It was also built to honor His Majesty King Bhumibol on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee.

Pattaya Dolphin World

Opened in 2011, Pattaya Dolphin World is a fantastic new facility and has become one of the main tourist attractions in Thailand. Apart from the daily Dolphin Shows swimming along with the dolphins is very exciting & fulfilling with excitement and enjoyment. Moreover, there are several interesting and exciting adventure activities like ATV, horse riding, rock climbing, shooting gallery, the old wild west "cowboy" atmosphere and many more.

Big Buddha

Serene hilltop destination featuring a towering gold Buddha statue & sweeping views of Pattaya Bay.

Wat Chai Mongkon

The Wat Chai Mongkhon is a restored Buddhist temple, rebuilt in the memory of King Naresuan the Great for his victory over the Burmese. This temple is famous for a 23-foot long statue of a reclining Buddha, representing Buddha after his death and is one of the largest outdoor reclining Buddhas in Thailand. If you’re captivated by the view of temples or would just like a refreshing view of the spiritual side of the city then this is the perfect place to be at.

PIPOPONY CLUB Dwarf Horse Farm

Pipo Pony is the first and only farm dwarf pony in Southeast Asia & is located at Pattaya City Thailand. They are having collection of more than fifty representatives of Shetland, Welsh and Thai rock from France, Germany, Holland and Australia. The club is having Pony Show, Horse Riding and others show’s as well. The vast territory, stylized space for photos, convenient means of transport, &a variety of entertainment offered - all this gives guests the opportunity to plunge into a fairy tale and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city an let you enjoy the time spent with family.

Thai Alangkarn Theater

With an area of 31 acres, the entire project includes a prototype Hexa Stage Theatre, Cultural Rostrum and a restaurant. Alangkarn is aiming benchmark a new concept of presenting Thai Culture to tourists from all walks of life, instead of the standard Thai traditional dances. The Extravaganza Show Pattaya starts at 6pm and restaurant opens at 4:45pm-8pm.

Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya

Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya is the new natural place surrounded by mountain, lovely pets and farm euro country style.Not just sheep, goats and alpacas, but you get to say hi to horses, ponies, rabbits and more. You can take photos with the animals, decorations like rows of hearts and a windmill, &European-style attractions, or can spend your time by playing various games and euro country activities.

Monster Aquarium

Monsters World & Aquarium is a zoo aquarium on area, over 8,000 square meters. It collectsa variety of animals of both Thailand and abroad.There're an underwater tunnel of freshwater fishes and zoo zones. The appearance of some animals is different from nature that you will ever see. The Monsters Aquarium Pattaya is a great day out for children and adults alike, with so much to do you’ll probably need more than just one day to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Louis Tussaud's Waxworks

Wax museums offer visitors a unique chance to be up close and personal with celebrities and historical figures from around the globe. Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks hosts 68 figures currently, and all of them are almost unbelievably lifelike. The museum is a fascinating place to visit, and has a large variety of figures so as to appeal to all interests. In a nod to the host country, 8 of the figures on display are of famous Thais and a total of 20 of the 68 are Asian.

Alcazar Cabaret Show

Alcazar Show is the greatest cabaret show in Asia which is a legend in this area. It has all the allure and razzmatazz of a Las Vegas nightclub. Dazzling performances by artists in glittering evening gowns thrill nightly audiences, as well-groomed ladies’ mime and dance against a backdrop of surround-sound and computerized lighting. The unique feature of Alcazar’s entertainment, that sets it aside from Las Vegas, is that all the girls are boys!

Tiffany show

Tiffany's Show Pattaya is the Original Transvestite Cabaret Show in Pattaya, Thailand; and is now in its 40th year. Originating as a one-man show performed for friends on New Year' Eve in 1974, Tiffany's Show Pattaya is a household word in Thailand and Asia as well as around the world. Extravagantly beautiful costumes, toe tapping choreography, special lighting & effects, and music specially written for Tiffany's Show Pattaya, all presented in wonderfully detailed scenery with the most beautiful 'showgirls' to make your night at Tiffany's Show Pattaya a magical & memorable night.

HarborLand Pattaya

HarborLand at Harbor Pattaya is the ASIA's largest indoor playground ever built on 7th fl. of HARBOR PATTAYA Shopping Mall (which has 13 best indoor & air-conditioned play activities in a single building). Created with EURO's highest safety standards & all play stuff were made and shipped directly from the UK. Kids with their parents could spend 3 hours in HarborLand on weekends & they could play all-day in weekdays (Mon-Fri). Children's age from 6 months to 13 year old could fully enjoy all the plaything inside the playground.

MIMOSA Pattaya

Mimosa Pattaya – Shopping – Dining Under the concept “ The City of Love, Love City” is distinguished by the architecture of Colmar, France. One of the world’s top ten romantic destinations, notably the colorful shopping mall. Surrounded by the aura of love waiting for everyone to come to relax, visit and collect pictures. Spread over an area of more than 50 Rai of land with a budget over 1,000 million Baht, it is able to accommodate at least 10,000 visitors per day. Remain opened from 10.00 – 21.00 hrs every day, located on Sukhumvit Road opposite to Ambassador city Jomtien hotel, Na Jomtien, Sattahip.

Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village is sanctuary &a protected area for Elephants. It takes care for and heal various elephants, including sickness and disability, as well as public elephants for various elephant breeding, popularizing wild elephants and the knowledge of the home elephant. It is designed to cater for all kinds of stray elephants &especially those who have worked in the wild,they are those elephantswho has become a wandering because of injuries and physical weakness.A visit to the Elephant Village is not only unique experience, but it is also a lifesaver because the fees paid by our visitors contribute to, the very survival of the elephants, both now and in the future.

Ripley's Believe It or Not

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a world class entertainment attraction where everybody can enjoy, relax and entertain with friends, family and colleagues during weekends, vacations and all other occasions.The museum houses more than 300 unique collections of oddities and it presents a careful balance between the strange, the shocking, and the beautiful.Besides the exhibitions, Ripley's has other 4 interesting activities, there are Ripley's 4D Theatre, Ripley's Infinity Maze, Ripley's Haunted Adventure and Louis Tussaud's Wax Work, makes it a perfect place for a family Outing.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is the biggest zoo of its kind in the entire world located in Sri Racha, a city on the outskirts of Pattaya. It is about 97 km (60 mi) from Bangkok. The zoo claims a population of 200 tigers and around 10,000 crocodiles, the largest such populations in the world. It boasts to contain the largest number of Bengal tigers, bred successfully by the farm itself. Besides, the zoo has several other animals such as crocodiles, ostriches, single hump camels, kangaroos and an aviary of exotic birds. Exciting shows are Crocodile wrestling, Kenya aerobics, Amazing Circus and Pig Racing.

Mini Siam

Mini Siam in Pattaya can take you around the world not in 80 days – more like 80 minutes, if you’re quick! The park behind the Pattaya Boxing World stadium is home to nearly 100 replicas of famous sites worldwide - from the Temple of the Emerald Buddha to the Statue of Liberty - all displayed at a scale of 1:25. It is the perfect place to try and play Gulliver’s Travel. Mini Siam’s 46,400-sqm area is divided into two distinct zones, namely Mini Siam and Mini Europe (which is actually the rest of the world), separated by a small serpentine ‘river’ that you can just step across. The vast manicured grounds, peppered with water features and man-made sculptures modelled after the world’s iconic landmarks, feel like a true global village.

Kaan Show

Kaanshow is a new hybrid of live action and cinema, stage performance and world-class technology. It’s the the world of imagination inspired by classic Thai literature, creatively adapted into 75 minutes of ceaseless wonder. It showcases the thrilling world of Thai folklore and mythology, that combines stunts and dance sequences with audio-visual technology. Experience the breathtaking theatrical performance of some of Thailand's most famous literary stories: from Ramayana, Prince Apai Mani, Krai Thong and more with your family at Kaan Show.

Baan Sukhawadee Seaside Mansion

Is a European style mansion by the sea, houses a statue of Kuan Yin (Chinese goddess) and other god sculptures that express the philosophy of living. There are many sacred things to worship such as the Buddha Pang birth, King Mother Guanyin, King Taksin, King Rama 5, KromLuangChumphon Khet Udomsak. Everything in this place is set up with a design composite &the art is perfectly balanced and rational, withbuildings having outstanding architecture, quiet atmosphereSurrounded by plants& beautiful landscapesallows one to take a relaxing stroll with the breath-taking sea views and marvel at the sheer luxury at this peaceful location.